Christmas with Città della Scienza 2020

Although this Christmas won't be as festive as usual, Città della Scienza has found a way to keep in touch with people through an online…

Although this Christmas won’t be as festive as usual, Città della Scienza has found a way to keep in touch with people through an online special  Christmas and science themed program for all science enthusiasts.

Virtual guided tours, online exhibits, live stream workshops on Facebook to entertain kids and their families during the Holdays for some science – based fun.

You can decorate your Christmas tree in an unusual way with “Fossil Cookies” you can make your own by following the livestream tutorial on Facebook on Sunday, December 13 (the event is on the Città della Scienza Facebook page), or during the Decoration-action event on December 23 : set your imagination free by decorating with crayons and markers two different Christmas symbols, complementary yet opposed to one another, to celebrate the value of diversity and multiple interpretations.

You can also go to the discovery of a land even colder than the North Pole with a virtual guided tour of the brand new exhibit “Mission Antarctica. 35 years of Italian research in the extreme continent”, curated by the National Antarctic Research Programme. A unique chance to get to know more about the coldest, most windy and most extreme continent on the planet, to visit a polar land and learn about how explorers are trained and what tools are used for research.

During Christmas Holidays we should also look at the starry skies; on December 21, with the Virtual Planetarium live Show by Città della Scienza, you will be able to see the great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and discover the peculiarities and features of these two gaseous giants in our solar system (live streamed on Facebook) while on Sunday, January 3rd you can see “January Sky” a virtual planetarium live show to the discovery of the stunning stars visible during this time of year.

Christmas imagery is also filled with pure white snow; the online workshop held on December 27, “Science in a snowflake!”, will lead you to the discovery of the secrets of snow, where it comes from and which are its characteristics from a scientific point of view (live streaming available on the Città della Scienza Facebook page).

On December 30 it’s time for the “CHRISTMAS AND THE HUMAN BODY” workshop to find out more about the human body and to discover the natural connection between hands and mind by using clay and plasticine: a connection that allows us to create and mold raw materials to meet our needs.

On the occasion of Epiphany, on January 6, you can play with the “Befana Thaumatrope”, a simple game, precursor of the cinematograph, with Befana themed pictures to celebrate the old lady who makes this holiday the sweetest one of the year.




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