Città della Scienza

The first interactive science museum in Italy, to learn and discover things while also having fun

Between Naples and Pozzuoli, facing the gorgeous isle of Nisida and on the slopes of the Posillipo hill, nature meets science. This is where Città della Scienza is located, the first interactive science museum in Italy: for over twenty years it has brought visitors closer to scientific studies with the hands on approach: testing and touching the interactive exhibits to learn new things while also having fun!

Inside the building there is the first italian museum to be entirely dedicated to the study of the Human Body: Corporea. An immersive and captivating journey to the discovery of the secrets of our bodies, our brain and organs, and how they perfectly work together. A three-floors exhibition space divided into different areas for every part/apparatus of the human body: arteries, muscles and synapses explained through immersive videos, virtual reality experiences, games, multimedia and experimentations. Aspiring scientists and science enthusiasts will have the chance to focus on specific themes through on-site workshops held by the scientific guides of the museum.

In Città della Scienza visitors will be invited to a fascinating journey to the discovery of the universe… stars, planets, galaxies and much more are shown inside the largest and most advanced Planetarium in Italy, a unique and captivating show.

The Città della Scienza Museum is open to public from Tuesdays to Sundays 9.00 am to 5.00 pm



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